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Yuens Farmers market loves DRU Animal Rescue

As you can imagine, running Deathrow Unchained is extremely expensive. Next to our rent, food to feed our beautiful animals is our biggest expense.

We recently approached a local business Yuen’s Fruit Market at Underwood to see what they do with the produce they are unable to sell and would typically throw out. They were incredibly receptive and immediately said they would love to help us. We arranged for one bin to be left at their store to be filled with produce that we would then pick up on a daily basis. After hearing more about our story they visited one of our open days, which as you know we hold fortnightly to raise much needed funds. They were so impressed by what we are doing they decided that one bin of produce just wasn’t going to be enough. Most of the produce they supply us with goes to our pigs. Did you know that pigs need to eat about 4% of their body weight per day? Now some of our beautiful pigs weigh around 200kg, and we have around 15 of them, so you can imagine how much produce that equates to … A LOT!!

Yuen’s took time out of their day and bought us 8 bins!! How amazing! Yuen’s have two stores, one located at Underwood and one at Waterford. They even offered to bring produce from their Waterford store to their Underwood store to give us as much produce as possible. The produce that they supply us with helps us immensely and saves us a lot of money. They are a wonderful bunch of humans who really do care about what we are doing, and do a lot to help the local community. We seriously cannot thank them enough for their generosity and willingness to help us.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook or check out their website

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