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DRU Piggie Specialist!

At our animal sanctuary, we have given a forever home to around 150 animals, including horses, cows, goats, sheep and pigs. With a small team, we have needed to find a way to provide the best possible care to all of our animals. This has led to the creation of the first of many specialised teams, our DRU Pig Crew. The team is comprised of ten volunteers who are more than happy to care for our pigs and give them loads of cuddles along the way (an important part of pig rescue!).

The key duties of our team are to conduct health and welfare checks, maintain the pigs’ area and provide enrichment to nurture their high intelligence and inquisitive nature. Pigs are considered to be smarter than most domesticated animals, including dogs, and can outperform a child as old as three or four years old on cognitive tests. Because of this, they can get bored easily and need to be in a stimulating environment in which they can practice the same behaviors that wild pigs would in their natural setting.

At DRU, we provide a home to thirteen pigs, where they can spend their days wallowing in mud, eating loads of fruit and veg, and playing and napping with their best piggy pals in the shade. We’ve also recently added a brand-new area for four of our piglets where they can hang out before they’re old enough to join the rest of their new family!

If you’d like to visit our lovely piggies at our Brisbane rescue, we hold open days every second Sunday and we even offer private tours of the sanctuary if you’d like to escape the crowds.

Click here if you’d like to become a buddy and sponsor your new piggy best friend.

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