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April Sanctuary Friends


Who are The Weetbix gang?

The Weetbix Gang was established in November 2018 by Alice and Zoe, the first to arrive at our micro-sanctuary located in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria (Australia)


What distinguishes micro-sanctuaries from other sanctuaries is that they’re typically small-scale operations where human and non-human animals live in particularly close relationships. This is the case for the Weetbix Gang, where the 1 acre forest property shared by the sheep Gang, the resident dogs and their human caretaker is completely open and accessible to everyone - with the exception of inside the house - though some of the Gang manage to find their way in... here is Jade demanding Weetbix from the human after entering the house: 

Weetbix HQ exists not only to provide sanctuary to individuals in need, but to advocate for and educate people about sheep, and the broader issue of animal exploitation at large. Non-human animals are the best spokespeople for their own cause, and so through social media, we have created platforms for the Gang to share their individual stories.


We aim to set an example of what life should be like; one free from use, abuse, harm and suffering, full of respect, compassion and care. Many of the individuals at Weetbix HQ have come from abusive and neglectful situations. We focus on creating a safe and comfortable environment to build trust and allow individuals to heal. We strive to provide a living situation that allows for as much autonomy and freedom for individual expression as possible, and we acknowledge that while we have commonalities; we are all different and unique, with individual needs.

Currently we have 6 sheep Gang members, including one of our founding members, Zoe. 


Zoe’s story is quite remarkable. During a protest at a slaughterhouse following the release of leaked CCTV footage from the facility, she was removed from the kill line and released to sanctuary. Her story is bitter-sweet as we are so thankful she is safe, but heartbroken for the hundreds of others left behind and countless others who continue to face the same fate today. Many people have followed Zoe’s journey; she’s been an amazing advocate for the liberation of nonhumans, especially her fellow sheep.


Zack was on of the few lucky orphaned lambs rescued during Winter Lambing, where every winter in Australia an almost unbelievable 10 - 15 million lambs die within the first 48 hours of life due to exposure to the harsh winter weather. Zack’s mother had passed away while giving birth and thankfully he was found before perishing in the cold.


Both Jade and Bambi were also rescued last winter, struck down with a condition called “pregnancy toxaemia”. Essentially they were both pregnant and chronically starved. Jade was down for several days before being found – her baby was found close to her and sadly he had died. It’s a miracle that Jade survived. Bambi gave birth to 2 healthy babies, Marty and Willow, who reside here with her.


We also have 2 dog residents; Diesel the bulldog, rescued from neglect, and Tess the greyhound; a survivor of the greyhound "racing" industry.


We stand for collective liberation and believe in justice, respect and freedom, for all.

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February Sanctuary Friends

Mini Tails logo.jpg

Who are Mini Tails Sanctuary?

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Mini Tails Sanctuary is home to animals who have been rescued from neglect and abuse who have no other options. Located on the 32 acres of land, Mini Tails Sanctuary is a permanent home to many colorful residents. Including 10 rescued Chihuahuas, Cheeky Turkeys, Ponies, 19 Alpacas, Sheep and even a beautiful donkey.

Run by dedicated owners Michael & Christian, their passion for rescue has helped them save many animal lives.

When they aren't waking up at 5am to feeding their animals, Michael and Christian run a delicious plant based café in Buderim. Cafe Vie The long hours and hard work 

Mini Tails Sanctuary have many unusual and beautiful animals that call the sanctuary home, but one particular personality that stands out is Spike. A 4 year old Alpaca. Spike suffers from a commonly misused condition called 'Berserk Male Syndrome', a condition that affects both Alpacas and Llamas alike and is brought on when they're over handled by humans when they are young and or kept separate from other alpacas or llamas.


They are herd animals and need to stay together to avoid depression and syndromes like this. When the guys rescued him, Spike was suffering some of the worst torment they had ever seen and was deeply unhappy. Michael and Christian agreed to take him on to avoid death and work with him. They have been kicked, bitten, pushed, wrestled to the floor and stomped on by this very confused poor soul. You see, it's not Spikes fault, he was just responding to his environment and reacting as such. He had no idea who or what he was, who is tribe was, he assumed he was human, as that was all he had known and consistently looks to dominate, which is turn makes him really unhappy.

Mini Tails Sanctuary

It's been a long journey but his progress has been amazing and they are now looking at a much happier boy, that now has his own herd and is learning to be an alpaca without any of the torment he has endured for years.

The importance of sanctuaries working together means we can save more lives with the knowledge we are learn along the way. It allows us to network and provide support and encouragement.

Head over to our Sanctuary Friends Social Media Pages today, and show them some love for the amazing work they do.

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Mini Tails Sanctuary

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Cafe Vie

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