How to Sponsor a Buddy

1. Select

Select the Sponsorship level you would like. You can gift as little as $10 a month. See plans below.

2. Pay

Enter in your payment details that will pay the sponsorship. Your plan will start immediately.

3. Check

Go to your email and check to see you have a Welcome email from us.

4. Choose

Now it's time to decide who you want to sponsor. Head to our Sanctuary residents page to view our animals. Then wait for our email to ask for your chosen animal.


There are no plans available.

Not sure about signing up? You can make a one of support contribution into our paypal account.

Simply click the button below and email our team for your digital gift

A huge thank you to our Platinum Sponsors.

Please consider supporting the businesses that Support our Animals and our our mission to save lives..

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Skin Mia

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