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Meet Esmerelda


Our beautiful girl Esmerelda is an ex race horse. While she made someone money she was being fed and had a roof over head, but she was stabled alone and lived a lonely life. However, she was over trained and fed supplements that eventually started to kill her body. When she could no longer perform to their standards the pretty blankets came off and they dumped her in the sales yard to be led to her death.


Esmerelda was brought to our attention when she was found on the ground in the sales yard in appalling conditions. She was close to death from bloat and heat stroke with no water and no medical attention.

Esme now lives a very different life, she is free to roam and do as she pleases. She will never be lonely again with her friend Bentley always by her side. They swim in the dam together, roll together and graze together. The life she once lived is far behind her.

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