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Meet Sunni


Sunni became  known to us after we received a very sad and heartbreaking message from a back packer in outback qld. It is believed Sunnis mother was killed by dogs and taken by the hunters and kept in a small dark create all by herself for entertainment. Sunni had water and milk withheld from her and she was in bad condition. A kind and compassionate human heard about Sunni and managed to convince Sunnis keeper to hand her over. 

Sunni was nursed back to care, but before too long they both knew Sunni could not stay on the backpacker farm and she must find sanctuary.

Sunnis rescuer took the 18 hour drive and put Sunni on a flight from Townsville to bring Sunni to DRU Animal Sanctuary.  This special and unique story is just the beginning of Sunnis very special life. Please consider supporting us as we save more lives.

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