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Lucys Cow Team Wishlist

Currently our team are working on very important enrichment for our special needs cows and main paddock herd.  Such activities like feed barrels & scratching posts provide a wonderful source of entertainment for our beautiful residents. Please look at Lucys Wishlist, and help her source much needed materials to give our cows a happier and healthy life the very much deserve.


Our special needs cow paddock also urgently needs its fence replaced. This paddock keeps our blind cows safe and from enter areas that might be hazardous for them. If you can assist with fencing materials or even labor. Please contact Lucy directly.

  • Fence Posts (Bulk)

  • Wire for fencing

Or alternatively, you can make a contribution to Lucys wishlist fund via Paypal Reference Cow Wish List or

Direct Deposit Account name: Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue
BSB: 064186
Account # : 10889255

Ref: Cow Team Wishlist

other items we need

  • Animal Shelters

  • Squad bike for feeds

  • Round bale 4x4 holders

  • Chain link fence wire

  • Go Pro

  • Dog wire fencing rolls

  • Dog trailer

  • Iron roofing panels

  • Horse Float (Perfect Condition)

  • Milrun Pony pellets

  • Shipping Containers

  • Garage / storage sheds

  • 3 meter Property gates

  • Wheel barrels

  • Horse poop scoops

  • Large pond for dog area

  • Pond water pump

  • Blankets

  • Dog agility equipment

  • Racks

  • Straw 

  • Clover hay 

  • Pig Mash 

  • Pig Enrichment Toys

  • Cat netting

  • Chicken seed ( jenco 16% is the brand type we use )

  • Large storage containers

  • Dog pens / aviaries

  • Shovels

  • 20 litre ( or higher ) buckets

  • Petrol Gift Cards

  • Bunnings Gift Cards

  • Supermarket Gift Vouchers

  • Bales of straw

  • Bales of hay

  • Close circuit TV kit

  • Pig pellets or hobby farm pellet
  • Large concrete pipes for playgrounds

  • Chain saw

  • Pitchforks, rakes, and shovels

  • Kids play ground for kids community programs

  • Marquee’s for events ( 6x3meters and up )

  • Concrete drinking troughs

  • Animal poly feed troughs (the hard plastic kind)

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (but no onions or their family, Lemons or rhubarb)

  • Shade sails (For Pig Pen cover

  • Work gloves (non-leather)

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