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Meet Wilbur


Wilbur (along with Gilbert) is the friendliest and most special piggy in the family. He will often be seen following the team around like a puppy dog. He loves a good bum scratch and whatever you do, don’t wear white if you come to see him because he will paint you with mud from cuddles and scratches in no time.


Wilbur was purchased by his previous human as a “mini pig” and kept in a tiny unit with no back yard. There is no such thing as a miniature pig in Australia. All pigs grow big, while Wilbur is on the smaller for a pig, he would still weigh more than 80kgs and isn’t even fully grown yet! Wilbur was found on a giveaway site with people wanting to pick him up to eat. We couldn’t let that happen so we raced to get him.

He had never touched grass or swan in a water hole or mud! So you can imagine the joy he had experiencing that for the first time and having other pig friends to play with!

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