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Meet Soldier

With the ladies and boys around him, 20 year old Soldier is the gentleman of the group. Soldier is a kind soul that enjoys hanging around humans and getting brushed. When he arrived at the sanctuary he was losing his winter coat and needed a lot of grooming sessions to get rid of it.

Together with Taffy, Soldier is the newest addition to our horse herd. Stricken by drought their owner was faced with the choice of euthanasia if a home could not be found for them. A family well known for abusing animals had responded to the ad. Thankfully the community was outraged and acted by contacted us.

Now Soldier and Taffy are safe and loved by our team of volunteers and the rest of the residents. But being an older horse, Soldier will soon need more care to stay healthy. Like extra dental care and special food. Want to help keep Soldier healthy?

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