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Meet Sebastian


Say hi to Sebastian (One of three babies that came into our care) This mini gang are definitely a few little piggies that love to cause some trouble. They came to us together and have a special bond to each other. Although they are all very close they still love hanging out with the rest of the pig family.

The three of them were posted on a buy swap and sell page advertised to become “a good feed”. One of our supporters reached out to see if we had space for these three little babies. As soon as the phone was hung up transport was arranged and they were in our care and happy as ever. 

They were actually meant to be rehomed but when we ran into difficulty rehoming them together we decided they would stay at DRU and join the rest of the piggies. They fit in straight away and it felt like they had always been a part of the family after only a few hours. Although they love everyone else you will often find the three together causing some sort of mischief

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