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Meet Samson

Our gorgeous boy Samson is one of our newest members to the piggy family. He is one of the sweetest and loving little piggies you could ever meet!


We received a phone call that there was a tiny eight week old piglet sitting in a shelter terrified and alone and in need of rescue. His previous family had taken him to be desexed but it ended with him getting a painful hernia. They did not want to pay for his surgery so our poor boy was left on his own. We rushed to get him straight away and took him straight to see the vet. They did an ultrasound and found his organs were inside of the hernia and he would need surgery straight away to get our little guy out of pain. We got Samson the surgery he needed thanks to our amazing supporters and he was on his way to a speedy recovery.


Samson had to stay inside while recovering and we couldn’t help but to spoil him rotten with all the best veggies and lots of cuddles! He would even sleep in some of our beds at night, cuddling right in our arms the whole time. He is definitely the baby of the sanctuary and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us. He has recently joined our other three piglets and once they are a bit older will join our big pig family.

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