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Meet Poppy


Poppy can be quite timid and scared but she is a lovely girl. She has trust issues with humans due to her background, but with that being said she is a gentle and kind girl.

Poppy was found alone in a pound on death row and we have been told her she came from a petting zoo. Petting zoos only keep baby animals and once they grow too big post they are left at a pound or sold to a slaughterhouse and replaced with new babies to show.  We couldn’t let Poppy stay in there so we brought her to the sanctuary where she can be free to do whatever she pleases and be free from any stress.

While Poppy may not be overly fused about human companionship our sanctuary is all about letting animals be exactly what they are naturally meant to be. Poppy does her own thing and loves her sheep family. She doesn’t feel need for humans and that is absolutely fine with us. We watch Poppy from a distance enjoying her life and that is worth giving up all the cuddles in the world!

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