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Our gentle boy Pierre had a very scary start to life, at a very young age he was
shipped off to a schooling program. While he was here, he developed severely
painful and swollen knees which called for the vets to give him a high dose of
antibiotics. Following this he was deemed “unfit for human consumption” and for the schooling program. Yet again, one of our cows were seen as “waste”. Not to us though!
Pierre also has a vision impairment and therefore could not be transported on a
slaughter house truck, meaning he was going to be home-butchered for pet food.
Luckily, when we put a call out for a blind friend for Aurora, we were told about
Pierre. Up until recently we thought he would lose vision in both eyes, but we have just had confirmation that his other eye is working well and there is no need for removal, Yay Pierre!
Just before we got Pierre, we had unfortunately lost one of our special boys Pedro, brother to Elvis. Pierre carries his legacy in his name, having the French version. Pierre is a very gentle soul and loves to play with his friends in the disability paddock and give licks out to his human friends.

Meet Pierre


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