Meet Pierre

The gentle Pierre had a rough start to life but can now call the sanctuary home. Unfortunately at a very young age Pierre was shipped off to a schooling program. During this period, he developed painful swollen knees. Due to this, the vets gave him a large dose of antibiotics which meant that he was unable to be slaughtered for human consumption. Deemed unfit for both the school and the meat industry, Pierre was going to be home-butchered for pet food.


Pierre also has issues with his vision and his previous humans reached out to us when we put a call out for a blind cow (as a friend for Aurora). We suspect that Pierre could lose vision in both of his eyes however, we know he won't let that hold him back and that just makes him even more special to us! Pierre is often spotted devouring mountains of delicious hay and has made many vision-impaired cow friends in our disability yard.

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