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Meet Peaches


Peaches is our tiny little girl with a very big personality. Don’t let her size fool you, she may be little but she has a whole lot of energy and often acts like she is the boss. We have even caught her many times trying to boss our boy Onyx around.


Peaches came to us when she was three weeks old. She was found in a shelter scared and alone. She was one of the smallest piglets we had ever seen and we took her in straight away. We had her checked by the vet and found that she had a parasite living in her stomach which had stunted her growth. We got her the treatment she needed and she was putting on weight in no time. However before she was completely clear she also developed a severe case of mange and lost a bit of her hair. For a while she looked a bit like an alien (a very cute alien) but she was also spoilt rotten in that time which is probably where she got her attitude!

Peaches may be small but she has run of all the other pigs and loves them all to bits! It definitely is like she is the little sister that can be a bit annoying sometimes but they love her so much.

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