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Meet Otis


Otis is one of our cheekier pigs. He is a beautiful boy with a whole lot of energy. Otis is super friendly and loves nothing more than laying with his human friends and getting a good cuddle and belly rub.


Otis was found for sale from a pig farm. A lovely couple saw his picture and fell in love straight away. Knowing that he was destined to be sent to slaughter they couldn’t let that happen so they went and picked him up. He quickly grew in size and we were contacted to see if we could offer him a home. As we had just been contacted about two other piggies that were looking for homes we thought it was perfect timing and took him in straight away.

We ended up picking up Otis first and so when he arrived he was by himself for a week and it took him a while to come around. We took special care of Otis making sure he got plenty of love and cuddles. By the end we had him lead and toilet trained and he is now a very well behaved little boy.

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