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Meet Onyx


Mumma boy Onyx we like to call him. Why? Because he is a big mummas boy especially with our director Kate! While Kate never had favourites and loves them all the same, Onyx was certainly a love bug who wouldn’t leave her side. While his sister Rose is queen B, Onyx is pretty laid back but come to the crunch Onyx is the big boss of the pig family and their protector, and he truly is amazing!

Onyx was saved with his sister Rose when they were only a couple of months old. They were due to be killed in a council pound within 48 hours when we were notified. The team leaped into action straight away and we were able to save them just in time.

Onyx and Rose are our first ever pigs to be saved and in fact not only our first pigs saved they were our first farm baby save and was the beginning of something great!

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