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Meet Lucy


Lucy is another one of our cows that came to our attention following our call out for a blind friend for Aurora. Lucy is completely blind in one eye and may lose vision in her other eye eventually. Which is why she hangs out with our disability yard cows in their special paddock. As it is against DPI regulations to transport a cow with vision impairment on a slaughter house truck, due to it being ‘unfair’, Lucy was seen to be useless to her previous owners. 


Following her previous experiences with humans, Lucy was very untrusting of people, but we were determined to show her what true compassion and kindness was. Lucy is still a bit shy towards people, but she has taken massive leaps towards trusting humans again. She now enjoys getting cuddles and scratches from her human friends on her terms, when she is comfortable and running around with her gal pals in the disability yard when she would rather spend time with her cow friends

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