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Meet Lily


Lily came to us almost two years ago now with her baby Lola. She is what the industry calls a spent dairy cow, after being used for her milk for a number of years she was unable to produce enough to be profitable any more. This unfortunately with a combination of having a bad injury after slipping on a concrete floor, meant that she was no longer useful and was due to be sent on the slaughter house trucks. In all of this darkness, Lily found her light, a gentle 1 week old calf who had lost her mum, who is now named Lola. Lola who also was facing the same fate as Lily found comfort in Lola and latched onto her, they have been inseparable ever since. When we found out about them both we knew we had to rescue them together. Although they are not biologically related, they prove to us every day just how strong their bond is. Although the industry pushed Lily’s body to its breaking point, she is stronger than anyone ever knew. She is now happily living out her days in the disability yard paddock with her baby Lola.

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