Meet Jake

Say hello to Jake.

For those of you who haven't been the Sanctuary, Jake is usually the first resident that will greet you at the gate. This curious little man is always amongst the action and always getting into the feed bag.

Life hasn't always been a bed of roses for Jake. Our director Kate found Jake tied up at the back a property being used as an Airbnb attraction. He would spend every day and night tied up waiting for someone to come and give him some affection. It was a sad state of affairs and no way to live his life.

Fortunately he has found a happy home at Deathrow Unchained Animal Sanctuary. He will never feel sad and lonely ever again.

Jake would love to have a new buddy to sponsor him, and boy does he deserve it.

Head over to our sponsor page and choose your plan. Bronze sponsorships and upwards offer free entry to Open days at the sanctuary, so its even easier to visit Jake and give him a cuddle.

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