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Meet Jackson


Jackson is one of our three miniature galloway cows, he came in with Bear and Fernando, his older brothers. His breed originates in Scotland which means he is very fluffy and soft. They are mostly in Victoria where its a bit cooler, but as they are here at the sanctuary they can be seen in the shade and swimming in the dam all year round. 


Jackson and his brothers came from a loving family where their previous owners could no longer look after them. They were very worried about where they might end up if they were to sell or give them away, so they made sure they found a safe and happy home with lots of space! We had just moved into our new sanctuary on 33 acres when we heard about the three brothers so we were more than happy to take them! The three brothers were very shy when they first came in, but they are each coming out of their shell slowly. 


Jackson is a very cheeky, confident boy and was the first one to find comfort in his human companions. He loves cuddles and when he gets his fluffy coat brushed. During his time on the sanctuary he also developed a soft spot for Lucy a cow over the fence in the disability yard paddock. One day he decided, as he was the youngest of the brothers, that he would prefer to live in the disability paddock with the younger cows and Lucy his crush. He now spends lots of time playing with the young cows and moo-ing insistently for food every time the cow team walks past his fence. 

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