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Meet Elvis


Elvis is our gentle giant steer here at the sanctuary. He is a very cheeky and playful boy that loves to show off his handsome looks to all of our visitors. Although he is our biggest boy, he still moo’s and acts like a little calf. Through the years Elvis has continued to grow into a big, strong steer, the vets even think he may have gigantism, meaning he may never stop growing! 


Despite this outcome, this wasn’t what was expected from Elvis due to his start to life. Along with approximately 700 thousand bobby calves each year in Australia, Elvis was born into the dairy industry a male. As he cannot produce milk and therefore cannot produce money, him and every other male are thought of as a waste product and are destined for slaughter. Elvis and these bobby calves are stolen from their mothers only hours old to ensure they do not drink their mothers milk that the industry tends to take for human consumption, and are due to be killed as they aren’t “useful”. Elvis and his brother Pedro were two very very few lucky ones that found sanctuary. 


Elvis was only hours old when we rescued him, he was very scared, confused and weak, having virtually no time to meet his mum we are fairly certain he got very little, if any colostrum, which is the nutrient in cows milk that kick start the calves immune and digestive system. However, we spent weeks nursing him back to health and against all odds he pulled through. He is now a loving cow that loves to show off and get lots of attention

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