Meet  Elvis

Elvis is our very cheeky and loveable steer. Everyone who comes to the sanctuary that has met Elvis can agree he  is definitely the ‘in your face’ type but only because he loves his human friends.

Elvis’ life was far from love and kindness the day we rescued him. Him along with 700 thousand other male calves are born every year across Australia and are deemed as waste product in the dairy industry. These calves are stolen from their mothers only hours old and sent to slaughter as they are unable to produce milk, being males. Elvis was one of the very few lucky ones that find rescue… When we first met Elvis he was still covered in his mothers after birth, scared, weak and confused.

He came into care one day old and we nearly lost him at one point. We spent weeks nursing him back to health, but he turned around and has grown into the beautiful boy we all know and love.

While we can never replace Elvis’ mum, we showed and continue to show him so much love and attention. He certainly loves his humans and he is a bit of a character at the sanctuary. Today he is one very confident boy whose nightmare is a far away memory. Him and Pedro, another bobby calf have grown up together and are best of friends

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