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Frankie and his brother Freddie are our newest additions to our cow herd! They came in in September of 2020 and have been getting so many cuddles since then! 


Along with approximately 700 thousand bobby calves each year in Australia, Frankie was born into the dairy industry a male. As he cannot produce milk and therefore cannot produce money, him and every other male are thought of as a waste product and are destined for slaughter. Frankie and these bobby calves are stolen from their mothers only hours old to ensure they do not drink their mothers milk that the industry tends to take for human consumption, and are due to be killed as they aren’t “useful”. Frankie and his brother Freddie were two very very few lucky ones that found sanctuary. 

Prior to coming to the sanctuary Frankie and Freddie were staying in a loving home with a family that had to move away and could no longer take care of them. Hoping to give them a safe and happy life, they contacted us and we couldn’t help but say yes to their cute faces! 


From day one of being at the sanctuary Frankie was very confident and loving towards people. He is constantly coming up for cuddles and teaching his brother that their people are very loving and caring. He loves liquorice and will only walk on the halter and lead rope if it is used as bribery. Soon when him and his brother are ready, they will go out to meet the main paddock herd and explore the 33 acres of the sanctuary, we cannot wait!

Meet Frankie


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