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Meet Buttercup


Buttercup is one of our cuddliest and most gentle residents. Prior to coming to the sanctuary Buttercup was used for her milk on a family farm, she was the only cow on the property and unfortunately had a few babies taken away from her so that she could continue to provide milk. 


After a while, she could no longer provide as much milk as the family wanted and so they no longer wanted her. Thankfully they had formed a bond with her and wanted to make sure she had a safe and happy home to live out her days in. That’s when she came to us to join our main paddock herd! As soon as she arrived the cows welcomed her with open hooves, she has been an integral part of the herd ever since. 


She absolutely adores under the chin and neck scratches / massages, she has a huge smile on her face when she gets them. She is a one of a kind cow that has a lot of love to give which everybody appreciates!

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