Meet Buttercup



Buttercup is our beautiful girl and one of the newest members of our cow family. She was named Buttercup by her previous humans but we like to call her Bubbacup. She is such a friendly and sweet girl who comes running when you call her to get all the cuddles!


Buttercup came to us from a family farm. She was milked over the years and was the only cow at the property. She did have a few babies but sadly they were all taken away from her. She wasn’t producing milk anymore so the family did not see any use of her anymore. They had formed a bond with her however so that is when they contacted us to see if we could give her a loving forever home.

As soon as she arrived she was welcomed with open hooves by the rest of our cow family and since then she is never too far away from all the boys and Dorothy. She spends her days grazing in the paddocks and is happier than ever.

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