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Meet Bundy


Bundy is one of three cheeky pigs that were rescued together and they LOVE to run a muck! They have a very close bond together being siblings but they love being part of our piggy family.

Babe, Bundy and Barry were all in a horrible situation found in a rural council pound area. They were advertised as “Going to be spit roast by the end of the week is someone doesn’t take them”. As soon as we say this we had them transported from rural Queensland and brought to us at the sanctuary.

They were actually meant to be rehomed but they built a very close bond to our oldest piggies in the family Onyx and Rose. Onyx who generally doesn’t get up for anyone (he’s super lazy) one day protected the three siblings when a volunteer was picking them up to go for desex. Seeing the bond they had we knew we couldn’t separate this happy little family! So forever they will stay.

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