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Meet Billy


Oh Billy! He is such a special boy who we all love very deeply. He keeps us on our toes and is one cheeky and funny boy! He only has three legs but is one of our goats who is master of escaping! Don’t be fooled, this three legged goat has a lot of energy with a very goofy personality. 


We received a call from a local vet that had been looking after him for a while. Billy got his leg caught in barbed wire and needed to be amputated. His previous family paid for his surgery but for some reason later decided to take him back to be euthanized. As the vet had gotten to know Billy he did not want to see this happen to him so they called us instead and we couldn’t be happier for him to be part of our family!


We weren’t too sure how Billy would go being with the rest of the goats and sheep so we thought he would be a great friend for our Sophie. Billy has a bit more energy than Sophie can handle so he has since moved in with the rest of our goat and sheep family and has settled in great with them all and loves hanging out with them all, grazing in the paddocks

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