Meet Bear

Bear is one of three of our beautiful miniature Galloway cows. The boys have gorgeous long coats of fur and look like fuzzy little cows. These three boys came to us just as we moved into our new sanctuary. They are quite shy but after some time they love coming up and saying hello to their human friends.


Bear and his brothers came from a loving home where their previous human could no longer keep them. As the boys previous humans loved them very much she was concerned about where they may end up and contacted Deathrow Unchained to see if we could offer them a forever home. As we had just moved into our new beautiful sanctuary we had more than enough room to take these boys and just like that they were on their way to us. Bear is a beautiful and gentle boy with cute black spots on his coat. He is a bit more shy than his two brothers but after a while he comes out of his shell and is the sweetest boy.


Our boys now spend their days wondering the paddocks grazing away but they are never too far from the dam where they love to take quick dips and laying around the trees

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