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Meet Barbara


Meet Barbara! Our very cheeky goat with a whole lot of attitude! Every one of the DRU crew love Barbara as she has such a funny personality and always leaves us laughing. She loves to play this game where she goes to head butt you but really she just wants attention, cuddles and food!


Barbara came to us with her sister Felicity. They lived with our neighbours at our first sanctuary in Greenbank but their previous human family did not have the time to give them the love they deserved. When they found out that we were an animal sanctuary they asked if we would take them both into our care so they could live with the rest of our goat and sheep family.

Barbara and Felicity have a special bond and will always stay very close to each other but still love hanging out with the rest of our goats and sheep. They love spending their days lazing around and grazing all day long in the paddocks!

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