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Meet Aurora


Aurora was our very first blind cow to come to the sanctuary, she was actually the first cow with any sort of disability to come here! Aurora is a product of a virus that spreads around a lot of farms in the industry. It often unfortunately causes the calf to stop developing in the mother cow, however, this happened to Aurora when everything but her eyes, hearing in one ear and tail had developed. Due to these “disabilities” many industries deem cows like Aurora to be a waste product and it is seen as “unfair” to transport them on trucks to the bad place. However, we were lucky enough to get to Aurora and bring her home. When picking her up, we were unsure if she was going to be able to cope without one of the basic senses and half of another one! But as soon as she was in the car with our director and founder Kate, she was going through her bag and trying to eat left over hot chippies! She has been a little ray of sunshine since day one and has stolen the hearts of everyone she meets.

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