Meet Aurora

Aurora is our amazing little princess. She was sadly born with deformities in a dairy farm due to inbreeding. Born with no eyes at all, she is deaf in one ear and has no tail. Sounds horrible right? Well let us tell you this little fighter doesn’t let anything get her down. When we picked her up, we were waiting for a frail afraid and broken little baby… NOTHING OF THE SORT! When she got into our van, she came straight up to us, confident and ready to come home, like she was saying “Come on, let’s get out of here! Licking our face and arms and wanting to ride shot gun the whole drive home. She dug through our bags trying to eat hot chips and was absolutely the most amazing soul with such a positive energy.

She has stolen our hearts ever since.

Due to being blind and unable to be used in the dairy farm, they originally were going to allow Aurora to grow until she reached 8 months old and send her to slaughter so they could “at least make money from her meat’. Someone at the dairy farm had a soft spot for Aurora and wanted more for her so they contacted us. We are so grateful they did, this girl is truly one of a kind!

Aurora loves to lick and then lick again and again! She is full of kisses, when you visit prepare for some serious lovin! She can’t get enough of her humans!

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