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Shout us a bag!

The amazing team at Redlands Produce have slashed their prices in an effort to help us get our food banks back to safe levels.
They are offering incredible prices on Calf Pellets, Bran & Pollard as well as 16% Coarse Layer Mash 20 kilo bags.
Some of our sanctuary residents have been rescued from sad and unhealthy environments where their health was not a priority. In order to keep our animals happy, healthy and strong, a balanced diet is crucial.
Please consider shouting our babies a bag whilst supporting a small business that supports us. It's a win for everyone!

Help feed our beautiful babies food that keeps them healthy and strong.

Special Buy



The DRU Horses think Bran & Pollard is the bees knees. Shout them a bag. They'll love it. 

Special Buy:



Our resident chickens and roosters just love 16% Coarse Layer Mash! What a treat!

Special Buy


Simply purchase through our online store and our team will pick up the bag from Redlands! It's that easy

Prefer to go direct? 

Call Redlands and mention you are buying for Deathrow Unchained (07) 3206 0069


Drop into into Redlands Produce and purchase on our behalf and we will pick up from the store.


Redlands Produce

87 Boundary Rd, Thornlands 4164

Phone (07) 3206 0069


Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5:30pm

Sat 7:30am - 5pm

Sun 8am - 4pm

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