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The Great Rescue Plant-athon working Bee @ DRU Animal Sanctuary

Join us Tuesday 26/01/21 for a chance to make a huge difference to lives of our Australian wildlife.


In collaboration with The Rescue Collective and Queensland Koala Society, our teams will be planting 400 native and eucalyptus trees at DRU Animal Sanctuary to provide an essential food recourse for The QLD Koala Society to feed to their rescued babies. 

Did you know?

There are approximately 700 species of eucalypt in Australia and koalas are known to feed on around 7 species.

Currently carers for QLD Koala Society drive many hours to collect these specialized leaves which can take a lot of time away from critical care.

We need to ensure we can provide these beautiful fussy eaters with the treats they love whilst giving their carers a break from driving!

Event Details

Location: 1374 Mount Cotton Road Burbank (Next to Ibrox Nursery) 

DAY 1: Tuesday 26/1/21

7:30am Sharp for safety briefing and plant planning

Team briefing Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue Carpark

Team must arrive on time as we will be entering the property together. If you are running late. 

What to Bring?


Big buckets and tubs

Rakes Shovels (Hand shovels or full shovels)

Loppers/ secateurs

Gloves Hat

Closed toe shoes (essential)

What will will provide

Drinks and refreshments



Hand Sanitizer

Wheel barrows


Rubbish Collection Bags

Important information

As Deathrow Unchained has farm animals there are bio security restrictions that permit us from taking animal products (straight meat, dairy, eggs) on the property. Please ensure that you consider this should you be bringing any snacks/food for yourself.

Who can help?

Anyone and everyone. We do ask children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult.

*Please note you will be required to sign a COVID check-in and sanctuary waiver on arrival.

**We will be filming over both days. This material will be used for promotional purposes. Please let a manager know on the day if you do not wish too be filmed

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