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Hay! We Need You.


The Crisis.

With another year of abnormally long periods of low rainfall, we are now facing hard times. 
With the drought hitting us hard and the lack of rain, and beautiful residents are no longer able to rely on the paddocks for grazing.
This problem that is nation-wide. Lack of food means prices are driven up and stocks are very low. As we head into summer we expect the problem will only worsen.
Our current supply of hay has confirm they have limited stock. We are on a mission to secure this hay so we can feed our animals.

How Much Is Enough Hay?

Sadly no-one knows how long the drought will last. Because we do not know, it is vital we stockpile now while we are able to purchase bales. 
Below is a guide to how much hay our animals need to stay in good health in our special needs paddock. We have 

1 Small Hay Bale Costs $25

3 Bales feeds our special needs paddock for 3 days.

1 Large Hay Bale Costs $150

1 Bale feeds our special needs paddock for 1 week.

Help Us Reach Our Goals

Let's smash these goals!
They need hay, so let's give them hay!

50 Large Bales

100 Small  Bales


DRU Director & Founder Kate with Trinity

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