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I have 4 days before my whole world comes crashing , I have heard a lot of cats don’t make it out alive from the pound, I don’t want to go there. PLEASE HELP
My name is Diego and I am in quite some trouble , for no fault of my own I can no longer stay with my family and come Monday not only will my little heart be broken with the loss the only family I have known, I will be going to the pound with no idea if I will ever find happiness or safety again, I am such a sweet and beautiful boy and DRU say I am more then deserving of a loving family. DRU are trying to find options to bring me into care. I urgently need to secure a temporary foster home or even better a forever family….. could that be you ?

I am a young good looking boy of 4 years old. I love my humans and love giving and receiving lots of attention and cuddles. I have a lot of personality and im an adventurous young man, ready to take on the world and steal the hearts of the humans kind and loving enough to give me a home and safety.

If you can help in anyway , please click this link today. If your not in a position to offer a home, sharing, tagging and comments go so far and could find the eyes of my future family. Thank you and hope to see you all again on a happy forever post here at DRU .

...did I mention very affectionate? 

If you can help me pretty please click the link above or email the team

Name: Diego
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Ginger
Dogs: at this stage no
Cats: Not tested
Children: Yes
Location: Brisbane

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