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Volunteer Position - Feathered Friends Family

Do you love Chickens, Roosters, Quails.... all our feathered friends?

Are you looking for a way to give back to the animals and enrich their lives in your spare time?

Do you have a spare 1 - 2 hours a week, one day a week?

Do you enjoy the outdoors and not afraid of a little hard work?

Are you confident working around and handling chickens and birds? 



What the role looks like?

During your shift you will follow a checklist that involves different activities to improve the happiness and environment of the DRU Feathered family at our Sanctuary.

- Chicken and rooster behavior assessment & physical checks.

- Cleaning and maintenance of Chicken feeding and sleeping areas (Poop Scooping and laying of fresh hay and straw)

- Researching and suggesting implementation of enrichment stations. Fun for our babies. 

- Collection and record keeping of medical samples. This includes weighing and nail trimming.

- Feed shifts will be regular and set times

Who are you?

You have a positive attitude and work well within a team.

You love animals, especially chickens and roosters and want to be part of a team that will provide them with happiness, good health and friendship.

When you see a problem you come up with a solution and put it into action.

You are confident around animals. Including farm animals.

Reasonable fitness and able to lift/move 25 kilo feed bags.

You have a high level of attention to detail and a real drive to improve the happiness and welfare of all animals.

You have a good understanding or a keen interest in learning about chickens and roosters and the different types of enrichment that can be added into their lives. This would also include looking into their dietary needs.

You're not afraid to roll up your sleeves, put on your gumboots and do some house cleaning - This is essential!

Reliable and ready to start asap.

You are okay to work with animals with ill heath. We rescue sick animals in poor condition often.

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