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About Us

We are an animal rescue that saves abused, neglected and abandoned animals of all kinds who have no options.


We are open to the public for tours and also work closely with our community, running animal therapeutic programs. These focus on disabilities, mental health and victims of violence. 


We are 100% volunteer based, with currently over 175 volunteers. All proceeds made go directly into animal care and saving more lives. We receive no government assistance and rely purely on the generosity and support of our community. 


Our sanctuary is home to over 180 animals, however, we also run rehoming programs and have saved over 4500 animals to date. 


We provide rehabilitation, vetting and rehoming to all types of animals; from dogs and cats on pound kill lists to farm animals. We even work closely with Wildlife organisations and have a soft release program on the property. 


We do not rescue based on popular breeds or sizes, we are the ones taking in the seniors, the big dogs and the high medical needs cases, sitting in the corner at the back, missed and forgotten.


Together with your help we can continue to make the change for the animals, for our community and for the future.

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