Hannahs sanctuary born lamb Theo was rushed to emergency after showing signs of fatigue. Our Goat and Team specialists hurried Theo to Dayboro where vets checked his vitals and put him on put him on immediate supportive care.  

After many blood tests & ultrasounds the vets have confirmed Theo has gallstones and was having trouble passing it. Treated with medication and with the company of his mother, we hoped Theo would be able to overcome this and pass the stone.

Sadly this has not happened and vets moved quickly to try to push the stone back up his urethra in order to allow the stone to dissolve slightly with the medication onboard.

Heartbreakingly this did not work so today Theo will be undergoing major surgery to have a tube inserted into his bladder to give him relief.

As we anxiously wait, we reach out for help.

Theo needs us more than ever. Please help us with the emergency vetting costs so Hannah and Theo can live the rest of their lives together.

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Theo Needs Your Help

Theo Needs Your Help


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