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She was taken to specialist for what we thought would be a general CT scan for options in dental issues, to get the dreadful call, that while being out under her lungs started bleeding, so much that they have said there is over 15 liters in her lungs . We need to give her x2 blood transfusions , several scans, ultrasounds, treatments and specialists and surgically drain her lungs , we need to get answers on what’s causing this, and relieve the pressure building up in lungs so she doesn’t struggle to breath and has time to fight this. She is a fighter, but even our strongest need others to fight , Savannah needs us more then ever right now


Our sanctuary and rescue are beyond struggling right now and it’s these emergencies that we can never prepare for. This is a huge cost and we need your help to get our girl through this.


Please share, or help in anyway to save our beautiful girls and bring her home.

All contributions will receive a digital gift to show they are a sanctuary hero.


You can make a one off deposit directly into our PayPal account.

Simply click the Support Us button above and email our team for your digital gift


Savannah is one of our golden oldies, but has so much life in her.


She came to us 3 years ago, and our sanctuary has been blessed with the most amazing soul ever since.


Direct Deposit

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Account: Deathrow Unchained

BSB: 064186
Account # : 10889255

Other ways you can help.

Below are some wonderful ways you can help the animals at Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue. Please feel free to read all the best ways you can help us directly.

Other ways to make a change is by making sure your pets are desexed.

Always adopt rather than buying from breeders.

Go meat, egg and dairy free. These days there are some wonderful alternatives that are not only tasty but very good for your health, the planet and most importantly of all for the animals.

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As a volunteer run rescue, all money raised from tour tickets goes directly back into helping DRU save lives.

Enjoy some time out with our beautiful rescued residents. Click the ticket above to see what Tours are available this weekend.

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