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Meet Savannah


Our beautiful girl Savanna is our oldest horse resident. She is such a sweet girl with a lot of love to give. Savannah can be a bit quiet and shy at first but she has a big heart and a gentle nature.


Savannah came in with our other girl Apples. We were notified of a property which was hording animals. As you could imagine they did not have the best living conditions and with nowhere else to go they were about to be sent to the sale yards, destined to slaughter but there was no way we were going to let that happen.


Savannah was in our care for a short amount of time when she got quite ill from malnutrition and we came close to losing her. We fought hard for our girl and she has made a great recovery. Now we are happy to see Savannah living her life out in the paddock, enjoying all the space and freedom she deserves.

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