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Meet Sasha


Meet the most beautiful girl, Sasha! While we usually rehome all of our doggy kids, Sasha is our special girl and is currently living in our rehabilitation yard. Sasha had a very tough start to life and needs special care.


Sasha was an ex bait dog in an illegal dog fighting ring. She had been caged her whole life and forced to kill small animals in an appalling practise called “blooding”. .This training method was to make the bait dog like Sasha extremely aggressive and reactive to other dogs.

 Sasha has a huge jump proof and dig proof yard, she undergoes training and is showing signs of improvement. When you meet Sasha it is hard to believe she once lived in such horrendous conditions. She is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet and loves giving and receiving endless cuddles. We are so happy that we can give this girl the life that she deserves

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