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Pina is the name! I used to have a home where I was happy until one day it seems my owners decided I was no longer a puppy and cute, I wasn't pretty enough for them anymore. I'm blind in one of my eyes and although it doesn't cause me any trouble (my foster mum says you would never know I could only see out of one eye) I wasn't cute anymore so I was dumped at the pound all because I didn't look like a cute puppy anymore.

After months of sitting in the pound day in and day out with no one ever showing me interest, DRU got a call saying my time was almost up and they were asked if they could help save me. Thankfully within a few days I was picked up and my adventure to Brisbane began! After a long trip leaving behind everything I knew, I met with my amazing new foster family who would show me what love truely is, taking me in and spoiling me rotten!

Since being in foster care I now spend my days doing what any pup should do. Trips to the park are my favourite so I can gallop around and stretch my legs. I LOVE to run and play! When I'm home I love playing fetch in the yard, zooming around, chewing a toy, or curling up and relaxing on the lounge with my foster sister. I love my people as long as I'm by your side I'm a happy girl! I have so much love to give, my foster mum says I'm an all round perfect pooch! As much as she loves me she says its time I spread my wings and head to my forever home. Is that with you?

If you can help me pretty please click the link above or email the team dogs@deathrowunchained.org Help me start the new year in my new home . Love Piña xx

Name: Piña
Age: 1 year
Breed: English Pointer x English Staffy
Dogs: Yes, with slow introductions
Cats: Untested
Kids: Yes
Location: Brisbane

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