Nunu's the name. I'm beginning to wonder If anyone will ever love me ? I've been up on the page countless times and no one ever seems Interested in me I really don't understand why? I’m a young strapping boy who loves my humans and gives the best cuddles

As you can see I have so much love to offer a special human and their family. I have the most beautiful and gentle nature I just need someone to give me a chance! I can honestly promise, from the bottom of my furry heart that if you give me a chance you wont regret it !

I’m looking for someone to be my forever home so I don't need to move again- I hope and wish every day that tomorrow will be my turn- all I want in life is a place to call my own forever! But I'm beginning to think I will never find this

You see, I really do enjoy human attention more than anything in this world. Some dogs are dog dogs, others are human dogs and I’m pretty sure I was meant to be born a human. I love children and I will often be found curled up with my human foster sister. We love each other very much and we love playing games together. She like tea parties and dolls and I prefer rolling in the grass, but we take turns doing what each other likes Just like my human sister has and loves her toys, I too also LOVE my toys ! I could play with them all day! The more toys the better I say! We are two peas in a pod really, me and my human sister.

If you can help me pretty please click the link above or email the team at It would be your pleasure to meet me... or mine to meet you, I’m really not across the human language completely yet, but lots of pleasure is sure to be had by all.

Name: Nunu
Age: 3 years
Breed: Mastiff x
Location: Brisbane
Dogs: Not at this stage needs slow introductions and separated sections
Cats: Untested
Children: Yes

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