I have no name

No Name. No Chip. I only had one hour for someone to rescue me from being killed!

My details were written on a scrunched up napkin. I have no one that loves me. I am lost and I am afraid.

The people who found me said I am great on the lead and love a walk. I know lots of basic instructions and will do what is asked of me. Other dogs don't appear to bother me, but I haven't been tested properly yet so it would be best for my foster or home to be pet free for now. Unlike most staffys, I don't jump. I am a good boy.

If you take me home, i will promise to be the best boy I can be.

Breed: Brindle Staffy x

Age: Approx 2 years old

Sex: Male

Dogs: Untested

Cats: Untested

Children : Untested

Location: Brisbane

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