In animal rescue, the chance of saving both mother and child from industries where they are destined to separate within 24 hours of birth is next to impossible. Here at Deathrow Unchained we have been given the opportunity to save two mother cows and their babies from sale yards, which will inevitably lead to slaughter, and we need your help to make it happen.

If there is something humans cannot claim for themselves, it’s the mother-child bond. In the industries where these mothers have come from, they have been destined to give birth time and time again, only to have their babies ripped away from them only moments after they are born. At our animal sanctuary, we have the chance to give these mothers and their babies the life they deserve; A life where they get to grow old together in peace. This will be the first time in their entire life that they get to keep their babies and grow old together. Cows are herd animals at heart; When they’re allowed to grow up in the wild, they group themselves with their families and other cows. This allows them to feel safe, and we have the opportunity to give them the security of having a herd at our animal sanctuary.  They will have the chance to be raised together with ample fields of green grass, quality food, and all the love in the world. These mothers and their babies will be free from slaughter, for the first time in their lives.


We will continue to fight for the liberation of animals who suffer from these systems, and we can’t thank the people who help us achieve our goals enough. With your help, we can save two mothers and their babies who otherwise would have met a terrible demise.

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