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1374 MT Cotton Rd, Burbank QLD 4156, Australia

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Do you have room in your heart to help Max find his dream home ??

Beautiful Max is needing a place to call his forever home . A month ago max was saved from a home where he was left tied up in a yard, never played with a toy and never even had a bath . Luckily for Max a beautiful couple came along who just couldn't leave him behind. They took Max home and have showed him the love he truely deserves! We are now looking for Max's forever home he has always dreamed of. Could that be you?

Max is just a big puppy he loves his people and is always happy to be by your side. Max loves his walks or going on an adventure he is even starting to like his bathtimes . Max has come so far but max is still a young boy who is learning to be the best pup he can be! If you think you might have a place in your heart for Max please message us today!

Name: Max
Breed: Kelpie Mix
Age: 8 months
Kids: older only due to still learning his size
Dogs: Yes
Location: Brisbane

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