Hey there, I'm Anna and I manage all the exciting DRU events our wonderful guests enjoy. I am also the point of contact for all media relations, including all social pages as well as corporate sponsorships.  I am the point of contact for any local businesses looking to support and collaborate with our sanctuary. I also manage educational programs with schools and groups interested in understanding Animal Rescue. I have always had a strong love for animals, from a very early age. After following Deathrow Unchained on Instagram I went along to one of their open days. I had always wanted to have an animal sanctuary of my own, so I was very interested to see what it was all about, and of course, cuddle the animals. It’s such a unique experience that you don’t get to encounter every day.

How did you get involved with Deathrow Unchained Animal Sanctuary?

I stayed behind after the open day and introduced myself to Kate and asked .. how can I help? That’s how it all began. I am truly inspired by what Kate has achieved and her passion for saving the lives of animals. I feel very privileged to a part of something so very special. To help rescue these beautiful animals that deserve a second chance at the life they truly deserve.


What’s your best Sanctuary memory?

I remember at that first open day I went into the pig pens and literally 3 or 4 pigs just surrounded me. They started nudging up against my legs and nibbling on my dress. My friend looked at me and said “see you are the animal whisperer”. I couldn’t quite work out why they were so interested in me, that was until I remembered I had a banana in my bag!


Which resident has won your heart over all others?

All of the animals have a place in my heart.

Pigs were always my favourite animals. Once I spent more time with the goats, they soon all stole my heart. In particular Billy (pictured with me) and Arnie. Very very special little souls. I just love them.


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