Meet Mumma Lily & Lola

The affectionate Mumma Lily and her baby Lola are a beautiful example of how strong and affectionate cows can be. Lily was what the industry would consider a "spent dairy cow" which means she was not providing enough milk to be of economic value. During her time as a dairy cow, Lily ended up slipping on a concrete floor and injuring her leg. With the combination of her new injury and her lack of milk production, she was of 'no use' and sent off to be slaughtered. While transporting Lily to her unfortunate fate, a person made us aware of another cow... one that we now know of as the gentle baby Lola. Lola was a 1 week old calf who had lost her mother, leading her to the same fate as Lily.

Before you begin to believe that all hope is lost, young Lola attached herself to Lily and they became inseparable. We knew we couldn't let that bond be broken so we happily took them into our care. Although they are not biologically mother and daughter, their love for each other could not be stronger. Lily has raised Lola as her own and they both continue to show how strong of a connection they have each and every day.


Lily happens to be one of the most high-need cases we have at DRU as her deteriorating body has led to a lot of vet care. However, we will never give up on her and with the help of all the generous people who support DRU, we can provide her the life she truly deserves with her daughter Lola

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