Moose needs your help to live the pain free life of happiness and freedom

Moose came to DRU after we received a call from a vet saying they had a beautiful boy who was destined to be put to sleep through no fault of his own.

Moose found an amazing home but unfortunately through covid his owners health rapidly declined leaving him homeless and alone once again.


DRU took Moose back in and found an amazing foster home for him with Nicole... Moose instantly became part of her family.


Nicole noticed that Moose seemed to be in quite a bit of pain and after some investigation the vets told us Moose had ruptured his cruciate ligament and had been secretly struggling with arthritis...


Our heart is broken for Moose, not only has he lost his family for the second time but has also been in quite some pain.


After months of waiting for an appointment with a specialist surgeon Moose is heading into surgery and we need your help to get this beautiful boy through a really difficult surgery. This urgent life changing surgery comes with a heavy bill, we need your help to give Moose the pain free happy life he deserves.

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Below are some wonderful ways you can help the animals at Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue. Please feel free to read all the best ways you can help us directly.

Other ways to make a change is by making sure your pets are desexed.

Always adopt rather than buying from breeders.

Go meat, egg and dairy free. These days there are some wonderful alternatives that are not only tasty but very good for your health, the planet and most importantly of all for the animals.

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