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Meet  Harry


Charming Harry! He came to us after his mother was mauled and killed by a stray dog when he was only three days old. The human who had Harry’s mother didn’t want to look after or bottle feed him so was going to kill him. Luckily for Harry a neighbour was told about this and rushed to his rescue. The lovely neighbour hand reared Harry and allowed him to live inside with her dogs and family, he was even wearing nappies around the house.


While this was a better option then the previous human had in mind, as Harry got older he got sever separation anxiety when his human mummy would leave for work. He would cry all day long until she returned. With no other sheep in Harry’s life this was very unfair and unnatural for him and his human mum made the hard decision to find the right family for Harry. That’s where we came in.


In no time Harry had his very own sheep family and never cried again! He has got a very special bond with our beautiful girl Poppy

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