Meet  Dorothy

Dorothy is our beautiful senior girl that hides behind the boys and is a little bit shy. She will take a little time to build trust with humans but when she does she loves a good rub on the forehead! She is such a gentle kind girl who loves to laze around and definitely loves her food.


We aren’t too sure of Dorothy’s background. We received a phone call about an old senior girl who had found herself alone in a pound and on death row. She was in urgent need of our help and we weren’t going to let this girl down. When she came into our care she had shunted hips, meaning her hips are uneven. Vets tell us this is likely from  being over bred and having large bulls mount her and pull her hip out. Dorothy has had many calves according to the vet.

Thankfully Dorothy’s only dilemma these days is deciding which paddock she wants to graze. Our boys Elvis and Pedro are never too far away and always looking out for our girl.

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