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Meet Dorothy


Dorothy is our beautiful senior girl that although seems shy has a lot of sass, love and courage that has come out in her time at the sanctuary. She has taken a bit of time to come around to people, but now when she is in the mood for some cuddles she loves a good brush and forehead rubs. Although due to her age, she likes to laze around in the shade she still loves to hang around with the boys and Buttercup. All the cows in the main paddock have her back and when she went through a bit of a health scare they were all by her side helping her through. 


We don’t have an extensive history on Dorothy, we just received a phone call about a senior cow who was alone in the pound on death row. She desperately needed a second chance and we were not going to let her down! After being examined by a vet we found out she had shunted hips, most likely due to being overbred with large bulls mounting her constantly, we have continued to monitor this and give her pain relief when it is needed, but for the most part it doesn’t bother her too much. Dorothy has apparently had many calves in her lifetime but sadly hasn’t been able to keep any of them. 


Those sad days are in her past though and now she spends her days with her besties in the main paddock, who always make sure she is doing okay.

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