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Below are the items we urgently need to keep our sanctuary running.  Please considering helping us anyway you can.
Animal Fed
At present we are able to receive a delivery from Redlands Produce every Thursday. This may change any minute, so it is crucial we stockpile as much feed as possible to get us through the next 6 months. You call place an order over the phone for us directly with Redlands Produce. (07) 3206 0069 Letting them know the order is for Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue in Burbank.
Other items you can purchase for us from Redlands Produce. Prices fluctuate on these items so please call Redlands Produce directly for pricing (07) 3206 0069
  • Straw
  • Small Bales of Hay
  • Large Round Bales
Your can also help us via GoFundMe
Sanctuary Equipment & Supplies
If you can help us with any of the items below, please contact our team to organise drop off to the Sanctuary.

  • Fuel Cards

  • Gift Cards Supermarket Gift Cards

  • Bunnings Gift Cards

  • Lend of a generator

  • Bulk Bottle Water

  • Hand Wash

  • Hand Sanitiser

  • Toilet Paper

  • Full Gas Bottles

  • Star pickets

  • Chicken Wires

  • Rolls of wire fencing

  • Bags of rapid set concert

  • Wooden fencing posts

  • Non Leather Work Gloves

  • Shade Sails

  • Outdoor Lounge/Seating

  • Insect repellent & Sunscreen

Your can also help us via GoFundMe
Food for Lockdown Team
We now have a handful of people staying at the sanctuary. We need to make sure they have access to food while they take care of all the animals. Please find the list of food below. Although we do appreciate all gifts, please note that we will not accept any food items that contain animals products (i.e Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Cheese, Fish). Refer to the list below for brands and items we can accept. If you can provide these items, please contact our team to organise drop off to the Sanctuary. Please not drop off is only available while our team are quarantined.

  • Tin Baked Beans in tomato sauce ( Woolies or Coles

  • Tin Spaghetti ( Woolies or Coles)

  • Dried Pasta (Woolies or Coles)

  • Pasta Sauce (Woolies or Coles)

  • No Dairy Spread (Woolies or Coles)

  • Bread. Any with no dairy or egg)

  • Ready Made Soups (Woolies or Coles) 

  • Water 

  • Baby Spinach Salad (Sealed Unopend Bags)

  • Maggi 2 Min Noodles (vegan friendly flavours). Chicken, Beef,  Oriental, Fusion Soy & Mild Spice

  • Peanut Butter & Vegemite

  • Arnotts Salada (Light, Original or Wholemeal)

  • Vegie Delights (Vegie Sausages, Meatless Meatballs) 

  • Frozen Veggies

  • Tin Potatoes

  • Tin Corn

  • Soy Milk or Almond Milk

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