Meet Charlie

Charlie is the sweetest little boy at the sanctuary. He is super friendly and loves to cuddle and of course loves his food! He is still only a baby and quite the cutie pie.

Charlie, along with 700 thousand other male calves are born every year across Australia and are deemed as waste product in the dairy industry. These calves are stolen from their mothers only hours old and sent to slaughter as they are unable to produce milk, being males. Charlie was one of the very few lucky ones that find rescue.


Charlie came to us when we saved Aurora, they were born in the same dairy farm. He had a rough start to life and we were worried about our sweet baby. Charlie was only one week old when coming into care. He had a rough start to life and we worried for our sweet boy. He came in with a nasty stomach infection but with medication and many nights of nursing he pulled through amazing.

Charlie well never know suffering again and will grow in a loving and affectionate environment.

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